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The working principle of SCALE-AQUA is very simple and proven. It incorporates use of the galvanic principal, Chemical Characteristics of water and fluid Dynamics SCALE-AQUA exploits solubility Characteristics of Calcium and Magnesium salts in water with change in its pH value. SCALE-AQUA locally increases the pH value of water before it reaches high temperature zone and then precipitates out hardness causing salts as water flows through.


As water passes through SCALE-AQUA the whole core inside gets negatively charged, since water itself acts as an electrolyte within the equipment. This negatively charged core attracts H* from water, which are the lightest ions. The relationship between pH of water and H* is expressed by the formula ph 1/H.
Thus with the H* becoming less and less. pH value of water increases, thereby precipitation hardness causing Calcium and Magnesium salts.

There could be a doubt in mind regarding formation of scales within itself and that the equipment itself might get chocked after sometime. However, this is not the case since the shape of core is trapezoidal, which creates turbulence in the water and the scale particles being very small, the flow of water carries away these colloidal particles with it and the equipment remains completely clean forever.

The savings achievable by installing SCALE-AQUA are as under :
1. Softener / RO is not required as raw water from bore well or river can be directly used as feed water to cooling tower.
2. Descaling chemicals is not required in cooling water.
3. As our equipment is tested to run at high hardness ( 5000 ppm ) and TDS ( 20,000 ppm ) in cooling tower without any risk of deposition, cooling water can be run at high COC of 20 to 25 as against 5 to 7 with chemical treatment, so blow down from cooling tower is negligible.
4. RO reject water can be used as make up water in cooling tower to achieve substantial saving in water while reducing the load to effluent treatment plant.
5. There is zero scale in condenser and other coolers
6. No Shutdown of plant is required for cleaning of condenser tubes in power plant.
7. Due to repeated cleaning of the hard scales in tubes with rod, the tube surface becomes weak and prone the leak. Any leakage in condenser / cooler causes shutdown of minimum three days.
8. Vacuum ins condenser in power plant remains on higher side (+0.9 ata) which gives good efficiency of plant and less coal consumption.
9. Vacuum in condenser in Power plant remains steady which gives long life to machinery.
10. Ours is a fit and forgets equipment having a guaranteed maintenance free life of 20 years consuming no power.
11. Payback is maximum one year.
We assure for the savings said and request to give as the opportunity to prove by installing SCALE-AQUA at your existing plants and also incorporate the same in your new plant.
We are sure a versatile consultant like you will give due cognizance to afore said facts and shall recommend the installation of SCALE-AQUA whenever your advice is sought regarding scale formation on the heating surface areas of Condenser / Heat Exchanger and its impact on the efficiency of connected Equipments.
We will be happy if you kindly spare your time on and date suiting to your convenience so that we may visit your office for further discussion.

An article on “IMPROVE STEAM TURBINE EFFICIENCY” is attached here with for your kind perusal.

Saving Achieved by SCALE-AQUA in Dfferent Applications
Power Plant
No softening of water required
Excellent water saving due to reduced blow down with high COC
Constant Vacuum.
Chemical Savings.

Solvent Extraction
Increase in Hexane recovery.
Use of Ro reject/ETP treated.
Spent lease water as make up in cooling tower.

Dairy/Ice/Cold Storage/A.C. Plants
Constant Cooling of ammonic / freongases.
Reduced power consumption of compressors due to constant head pressure.

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